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2022 Best Workplaces Asia Best Practice Submission:

Cadence’s One Team culture puts employees at the center of our business. A happy, fulfilled, and high-performing team keeps us at the forefront of our industry.

In response to the pandemic and additional time spend working virtually, employees receive 12 “recharge” days where the entire company can unplug and focus on the activities that best support their wellness. An expanded bereavement leave policy now includes time off for pregnancy loss and the loss of a pet, in addition to the loss of other close family.

Employees also have a strong sense of meaning and purpose in their daily work to make an impact on technology and in our world. In support of our commitment to giving back, every employee receives 40 hours of paid time off to volunteer in the community, and they have access to 1:1 donation matching from Cadence to support causes they are passionate about. Our employees donated their time and resources through fitness fundraisers, planting trees, donating computers, and by providing support around the impacts of the pandemic.

Meaningful recognition lives at the core of our One Cadence – One Team values. Employees can recognize their colleagues at any time with a monetary reward through our peer-to-peer recognition program.