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Best Practice:

Cisco has Inclusive Communities where employees can connect and foster belonging while delivering business and social impact, helping to drive our vision for an inclusive future for all. Employees are encouraged to network, develop leadership skills, serve as change agents and get proximate as allies to various cultures and perspectives. Inclusive Communities support full-spectrum diversity globally, including gender, ethnicity, race, orientation, age, ability, veteran status, religion, culture, background, experience, strengths, & perspectives.

As part of the Cisco Citizen Network, all community efforts in Singapore have been led by Albert Xie since 2019. Despite core commitments to lead the service logistics and operations function for the ASEAN region, Albert actively spends time to champion and lead community impact activities for Singapore and the region. With the support of his manager and Cisco, Albert has personally led 36 community impact events since 2019 and facilitated numerous other projects such as the Cisco-WWF Green Talk.

“The overwhelming interest across the company to do good keeps me going. Often our projects are driven from the ground up from employees or business units who want to give something of themselves to give back. Nothing is ever just top down or done just because some corporate KPI needs to be met” – Albert Xie, Territory Manager, ASEAN Region Service Logistics & Operations