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DHL Supply Chain – BW in Asia Company Story

Submitted by client:

At DHL Supply Chain, our people make all the difference. We are Certified Supply Chain Specialists who deliver with Passion, a Can-do spirit and Right 1st time for our customers every single day. Our incredibly diverse culture, our values of Respect and Results, and the way we work together as a team, ensure that everyone feels valued, a sense of belonging, and rewarded for the contribution they bring, regardless of their role within the organization. Keeping our people safe is our number one priority because we care and we recognize that it is our people who make us who we are. Having and creating trust and providing purpose are integral parts of our leadership culture which define the way we engage with our employees while truly creating an environment where everyone has an opportunity to learn, grow and succeed. We also take tremendous pride in contributing to society, reducing our environmental impact, and making a difference in the world. So work is not just work at DHL Supply Chain, it is about the impact we deliver – in connecting people and improving lives.

Employee Stories:

Vietnam Warehouse Supervisor

"I can say that DHL Supply Chain Vietnam is a company where I can find my career aspiration and development as a professional. Regardless of the challenges or pressures at work, I am confident that my managers and colleagues are supportive and always willing to assist me to reach my goals. This is a fantastic workplace where I can contribute and add values. In addition, I always appreciate an organization that listens to and understands its people, which is something that DHL Supply Chain excels at.”

Philippines Senior Operations Manager

“As a frontline leader, I put high importance in having open communication, promoting good collaboration, and maintaining respect and equality within the team. When there’s open communication and good collaboration, all members of the team have the same understanding on how we will achieve our goals and objectives. A wide range of ideas and perspectives are also brought onto the table and considered, which has been essential in developing and showing to each member of the team their importance and belongingness. Providing relevant feedback and listening translates to empathy and helps build transparency, respect, motivation and rapport with the people. Lastly, when we value and recognize each member’s contributions to the successes of the team, it ignites the fire and drive of the team to continuously strive to be the best we can be.”

Australia  Frontline Employee

“I feel so happy working for a global company and a Great Place to Work certified again is so amazing. I love my team and my workmates makes it a positive environment to come into work every day, we greet each other, we chat to each other and we help each other out with a smile and enthusiasm. DHL have a great community, it is important liking the people you work with. To work in DHL is challenging but rewarding and required you to grow and learn new skills. “